(valid until December 2019)

4D3N London Extension.
5D4N Affordable Iceland.
5D4N Scotland Experience.
6D5N Highlights of Austria.
6D5N Discover London & Scotland.
6D5N Luxury Swiss At A Glance.
6D5N Scandinavia Bonanza.
6D5N Spectacular London & Paris.
7D6N Best of Greenland.
7D6N Charming London & Paris.
7D6N Glamour of Greece.
7D6N Glamours of Greece (Private Tour).
7D6N Spanish Delight.
8D7N Best of Austria & Switzerland.
8D7N Capitals of Scandinavia.
8D7N Captivating Greece.
8D7N Discover Switzerland.
8D7N Evergreen Italy.
8D7N Germany Black Forest.
8D7N Germany Black Forest Special (Rail Tour).
8D7N Glamour of Spain.
8D7N Glamour of Spain (Rail Tour).
8D7N Glance of Russia.
8D7N Swiss & Paris Delights.
9D8N Best of Eastern Europe.
9D8N Best of Eastern Europe (Rail Tour).
9D8N Discover United Kingdom.
9D8N Discover United Kingdom (Rail Tour).
9D8N Splendour of Europe.
9D8N Splendour of Europe (Rail Tour).
10D9N Glamour of Austria & Italy.
11D10N Best of Switzerland & Italy.
11D10N Best of Switzerland & Italy (Rail Tour).
12D11N Schengen Europe.
12D11N Schengen Europe (Rail Tour).
14D13N European Extreme.
14D13N European Extreme (Rail Tour).
16D15N Grand Europe.
16D15N Grand Europe (Rail Tour).