Hotel Tips

Hotels especially four and five star category, are usually extremely safe and the reception area is usually being assisted with security guards. 
So here are a few useful tips when you stay in hotel:

  • If the hotel has an in-room safe, use it and keep all your valuables in there. However, if the safe room is electronic, wipe the touch keys down before operating it with a damp cloth, and then dry it before entering your secret code. Try to do this every time you use the safe.
  •  Also after you have keyed in your code close the safe firmly. Press all the other keys/numbers that do not make up your code, and press them firmly. Doing this may set off a small alarm from the safe but it stops quickly and no one will ever pay any attention to it ! The reason of doing this is because certain hotels have caught their own hotel staff placing a light oil residue or powder on the touch keys that glows when using a certain light to figure out which numbers were pressed. They managed to open the safe, and one very clever thief was taking only 1 or 2 US$ from each room. Would you have noticed? It is not a lot but in a 400 or 500 room hotel the guy was doing quite well for himself.
  • Never leave valuables in soft/material bags with pockets even if they are padlocked like Alcatraz. This avoids any potential of somebody simply splitting a seam to a pocket with a knife and removing select contents. This has happened to one of our friends and he didn’t even notice it until he reached into the and bag and pocket a while later.
    This should also apply to any other luggage that you check into the airplane.
  • Never get drunk and invite a stranger to your room. This seems funny, indeed, but better safe than sorry.